Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adharsh Building:

I don’t find any rationality behind the orders of Ministry of Environment to demolish the structure.  Either the dubious allotments may be cancelled or the structure may be acquired by government and used for any useful purpose or the flats may be allotted only to the KARGIL victims by sending out the influential occupants. 

Whether the crores of public money spent for this construction was taken into account before arriving this decision?   It is unbelievable such a massive structure is completed – without the hands of corrupt personnel and bureaucrats, who are trying to exploit the cause of Kargil war widows?

I doubt this “decision” to demolish the structure is an usual ‘GIMMIC’ of our politicians.  One may presume that the demolition will never be carried out and building will stand as an insult to war victims

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