Monday, September 26, 2011


BSNL is in deep crisis.  Its market share is dipping every month. Its  market share in mobile communications came to 14% from 25%.  Wire line connections, which are costlier and difficult to maintain are surrendered in alarming proportion.    This financial year losses may be around 6000 crores.  This company's wage bill alone comes around 50% of their revenue.  

Government of India is determined to put the BSNL in coffin.  They have buried Air India by placing purchase order for new air crafts; now trying to bury BSNL by not placing any purchase order for equipment for its mobile communication expansion project.

BSNL's problem are many.  Its officers and workers are not at all prepared to face the  challenge.  I agree that government / Managements policy are, in no way near to bail out the company. Yet, the staff and the management, with the existing asset and man power, could provide a better service and can catch the Broadband market thro' ADSL.  But, they do not have any aggressive plan to catch the Broadband market, which has got great potential.

Our engineers and staff prefer to talk more and do less. The pity is, most of its engineers, I repeat ENGINEERS are just matriculates. Its Accounts Officers have not passed even  'INTER'.  This company is happy to have matriculation auditors.  

The worst part is, most of the executives are corrupt. They are minting company's money in all possible wrongful ways. If I say bluntly, they are looting the company’s money.  How can they  motivate anybody?

Not to say about the staff,   majority attend the office by 1100, take tea, go to lunch; use the company's phone and internet and go home by 1630.  

In the present scenario, with all reasons, I do not believe, the company can revive ever.With multiple trade unions and associations at all levels, only a blame game is taking place.   

At this juncture, the management is proposing VRS.

Since most of the trade unions are “left” minded, no union, in principle, will accept this Scheme.  Curiously the leadership of all unions fails to notice the mood of the workers.  I am sure, that at lease 50% of workers will accept the scheme, with  the smiling faces.  It will be better if the trade unions accept the fact and bargain for the better compensation for VRS optees.  

I wish better sense prevail.

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  1. I understand that the govt is doing its best to kill BSNL. But dont you think BSNL can save hundreds of crores by improving and optimising its operations alone?