Monday, March 14, 2011

How safe – Our Nuclear installations?

What happened in Japan is a great worry not only to that country but also to the entire world. She is trying hard to avert Nuclear meltdown in Fakushima plant, similar to Chernobyl, which will be a serious threat to her citizens.  While Chernobyl is an accident, Fakushima is due to nature’s fury.  Already people around this plant are moved to safety.

Japan is not a stranger to earthquakes and has well prepared for such disasters. But this time in addition to damage to properties and loss of human lives,  nuclear radiation threat is added to the fore. 

We Indians need to introspect on our readiness and review our nuclear installations.  Considering the industrial safety records in India, which are not even worth of talking about,   with thick population,  lax regulations, poor enforcement and inadequate emergency responses, a nuclear power plant meltdown can be much more damaging.

“Chennai”, sitting in a “seismically active zone” with Kalpakkam not far away on the east coast, is particularly vulnerable.  We are installing another plant at Koodankulam in south.  How safe are these plants? 

Can the structures of these nuclear plants withstand the nature calamities, which can lead to nuclear meltdown and radiation?

Are our establishments are prepared to face such situation?

People in and around of these plants are to be educated about the nuclear radiations in case of any emergencies

Government need to address all these things.

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