Friday, June 26, 2015

பிறந்த நாள்....

26th June, a Day to remember..

Happy Birth day My Dear Viji,

All I ever wanted in this life
Was for you to be my beautiful wife.
I've cried everyday since you went away
Wondering how I could make you stay.

I miss the days when you would cook
I loved to watch you read a book.
I think about you every minute every day
You were just so great in every way.

I could pick you out in any crowd
"That's my Baby!" I was SO proud.
You'd smile at me and then I knew
I'd get to go home and be with you.

We had our own language, words to speak
New phrases and words every week.
Some were dorky, you'd shake your head
But I always laughed at the ones you said.

How lucky was I to have you here
I always smiled when you were near.
You blessed my life with love and joy
We loved to travel to places afar
Even now I travel a lot,
keeping your memories in my heart..

You taught me a lot about how to live
How to love and how to give.
Now I do it on my own
But you are with me, I'm not alone.

Clothes, shoes, and even perfume
All the things that are in our room.
I don’t want to disturb your things,
Its all still there, My dear Viji..
And make me smile when I feel blue.
I wish that you were here with me

Cooking is something I could not do
turmeric power and Sambar powder
makes no difference to me..
I make hell of it..
But I did not cry...
Smiling of my foolishness...
I just wonder, What will u think,
All the mess I did.

You want me to be happy in this life
That's not easy without my wife.
But for every day that now goes by
You quietly remind me of what, where and why.

There was only one chance in my life
For you to be my beautiful wife.
You were so gracious and giving for all to see
I'm glad you chose to be with me.

I know your Birthday wont be remembered by any,
I wish to sing a Happy B'day song,
"Happy birthday my Viji. I love you"

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