Sunday, August 3, 2014

Friends Day!

To my Friends!

This is for you, my best friends!

Never have you turned your back on me!

I recall my hardship days!
You never let me down!
You never hesitated to give shoulders to rest!
You never bothered to prefer me than your own pressures!

When Emotions and pains overridden my wife,

You, my dear friends,
You gave her your time,
Gave her hope,
Gave her back some smile,
Gave her your hands to hold!
Be a minute or hour,
You made her laugh
When everything went beyond control,
You! My friends turn the boat to stability!

And I will try to be at least half the friend you are To me!
I hope you know, I am not the person I was;
My stability has gone!
My wits down to pit!
Sorrow and depression is pulling me down!

I did not reveal this to anybody;
I am trying to be on my own!

Yet , My dear friends, I know
You all here to take me up!
B’cause, I know
A true friend like you,
Never walks away
Will always stay

A true friend Like you, a precious gift
Who will make me smile
Tries to replace that frown
You may not always succeed 
But you rarely let me down

My arms for you are open
My heart for you does care

And when I think you need me
I'll try to always be there
I'll listen to your fears and tears!
I'll make this friendship last
I'll keep you near to my heart
I'll always hold you dear!

A Happy friends day! My dear friends!!

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  1. நட்பு என்ற சொல்லுக்கு சமமான உறவை கேட்டால் ----- நட்பு தான் என்பேன் நண்பனே !