Friday, July 20, 2018

Beware of fraudulent tour operators.

Beware of fraudulent tour operators.
As you all aware, I like to travel a lot. 

In April 18, I booked a cruise trip ticket to Lakshadweep, through M/s Lakshadweep Holidays, Cochin, who was a authorised tour operator for  Lakshadweep tourism department (SPORTS).

The trip was scheduled on 4/5/18.

The agency informed me two days before the commencement of tour that the trip was cancelled due to rough sea. On my request they postponed the trip to 24th May. That too was cancelled by them citing the same reason.

I doubted the cancellation reasons.

As per the terms and conditions I requested them to refund the full amount of ₹32,000 to me, as I found something fishy.

Hundreds of SMSs, Mails to him.. He preferred to keep silent. He ignored all my calls and didn't answer any of my calls. Two months gone.

On Googling,  I found that many letters / complaints / grievances against this company.

I came to the conclusion that my hard earned pension amount is gone and no scope for refund.

I appealed to the consumer complaints forum, Kerala tourism ministry; SPORTs etc., but no response.

Finally, yesterday,  I registered a complaint to Prime ministers Grievance Cell, against this company with a prayer to refund.

Central Govt tourism ministry  wrote a stern warning  letter to them to refund the amount else face the consequences from the government.

It worked.

Today that company refunded the amount under intimation to the central government.

How many common citizens can pursue the case like me? God only knows how much amount he looted from the innocent public.

BEWARE OF fraudulent operators.

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